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Why You Need  A Branded Email


Give The Right First Impression

A branded email shows the world your company is established and professional. A generic email may project inexperience – or even worse, raise doubts on whether you’re a real company at all.


Create A “Bigger” Image

A generic email address can convey that your business is new, or small, or part time. Having a branded email creates a more “corporate image” and can help prevent awkward situations.


Build Credibility And Trust

When you have a branded email address, you’re providing a sense of security and reassurance to your customers that your business is legitimate. Generic emails dont give that assurance


Promote Brand Awareness

The best benefit of using branded email is every time you send out an email, you’re promoting your business, not Gmail. It’s a valuable, cost-efficient way to market your company

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For a minimal price of  ₦8,000, you get a whopping 5 professional emails attached to your business.

You don’t even need a website. 

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